Dayton International Festival, Inc (DIFI) is a tax-exempt corporation whose primary mission is:

  • To promote and preserve the cultures and heritage of the ethnic groups, religious groups and war veterans groups, to sponsor and participate in activities highlighting the development of bonds of friendship through cultural exchange and joint endeavors by the ethnic groups, religious groups, and war veterans groups, and to participate with other civic groups in promoting the culture, heritage and religious aspects of our way of life.
  • To promote social and friendly relationship among the members and their guests.
  • To engage in recreational, pleasure, educational, ethnic-centered religious and other non-profitable purposes of the Corporation and its members.

DIFI is primarily known as the organizer of the A World A’Fair, a 3-day festival involving 35 ethnic groups who make up DIFI’s membership. It is held in mid-May at the Dayton Convention Center. More information about the Festival can be found at The World A’Fair web site.  NOTE:  For 2020 and 2021, due to COVID, the Festival was cancelled.

There is more to DIFI than just the Festival. DIFI supports a youth group and the Festival Singers.  DIFI is also involved in helping the member organizations promote their cultural traditions in other venues. If you are a member of an ethnic organization – which must be non-profit – and you’d like to investigate joining us, please contact us or send in the Membership Form. In the meantime, check out our Facebook Page or our Twitter Page.

Presenting A World A'Fair