As we produce different marketing materials, we will place them here so everyone can see what designs we’re working on.  There is no guarantee that these are the final designs but at least you can get an idea of what to look for.  If you are looking to buy tickets to A World A’Fair please go to our “main” website – and click on “tickets”.

  1. Menu (2024-03-16)
  2. Stage (Condensed 2024-04-14)
  3. Stage Schedule (as of 2024-03-07)

5. Poster preview (2024-04-14)

4. Fairground Layout

The Fairgrounds have a total of 7 buildings that we would rent, as shown in the first page of the pdf below. Which ones we end up using, and for what, hasn’t been completely decided and needs to be carefully thought out.

The design below is our latest iteration, as of February, 2024. This design has been approved by the fire marshal in Greene County. There were 3 major factors that went into this design. (1) The physical space, (2) the existing electrical grid, which further restricted the placement of heavy electrical users, and (3) potential cooking issues, like using outdoor grills.

Presenting A World A'Fair