As a member of DIFI all organizations are expected to sign up for at least one committee.  The delegates and alternates are obviously welcome to do so but if they can convince some other willing soul to serve on a committee we would love to have them as well.

The number and duties of the committees changes from time to time and some committees are busier than others, and some committees vary greatly from year to year depending on what we think we have time to work on.  Each committee is ultimately the responsibility of an officer, but many committees have a separate chairperson who does most of the work.

The 2023-24 of current committees and their responsibilities are defined here.   14 Committees have been established:

  1. Admissions
  2. Constitution & Bylaws
  3. Culture
  4. Entertainment
  5. Ethics
  6. Executive
  7. Facilities
  8. Food & Beverage
  9. Marketing
  10. Membership
  11. Nominations
  12. Scheduling
  13. Youth Group
  14. Miscellaneous