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Forms Library

This section contains forms for DIFI members to submit during the year leading up to the Festival. All of the forms are in PDF format and can be printed off with Adobe Reader and filled in manually. Many of the forms can also be saved and filled out right on your computer and returned to us either as an email attachment or physically mailed/brought in. Some require signatures, so must be printed off and filled in manually.

Please place your filled-in forms in the folders by the door and initial the proper square on the form so we at least have some sort of record that the form was submitted. If you are emailing the form in, please email it to

The Membership Form is also on the DIFI home page, while the Ambassador forms are in that section of the web site.

If you have any questions, please send them to


    • Committee Sign-up – Required – passed out at the meeting
    • Nominations for Honorary Chair
  • Booth Fees, if not already paid


  • Booth Space Order Form – Required – just the size, shape and activities, so we can get an early idea if there will be major problems



Just fooling.  There’s usually no meeting in December.  Happy Holidays and best wishes for a good New Year!


    • Annual Dues, if not already paid as part of last year’s invoices
    • Preliminary Booth Layout (sample) – Required – a drawing showing orientation and general layout
    • Pre-Sale Ticket Request Form – Required – so we can get the tickets ordered and sorted and back to you by March so you can sell your socks off


    • Food and Beverage Form – Required for those selling food,  details are optional and may be used for advertising
  • Recycle/Trash Can Request Form



    • Main Stage Que Card – so the announcer doesn’t have to ad-lib while you’re coming onto the stage
    • Music for the Main Stage – so Cheryl has enough time to make sure it works, can be in almost any format, i.e. mp3’s,  can email to
  • Montgomery County Food License – they will be there presenting the rules and will have forms available, or you can get the form ahead of time at their web site


    • Lighting Request Form – so the stagehands don’t have to guess at how you want your main stage performance lighted
  • Money from the Pre-Sale Tickets – Required – at the front office the Thursday before the Festival opens, ONE check or cash, made out to DIFI, not made out ahead of time or the office will have a fit.


    • Evaluation Form – if there’ something you want to make sure we know of.
  • Ideas for next year’s theme – so people can think and purchase over the summer.